Church Street looking west - The Baptist church (foreground) was built in 1903, while the Methodist church preceded it in 1902. The brick building beyond the churches is the Century Memorial Hospital, defunct many years. That building is presently used for various offices, including some State of Florida social services and a doctor's clinic.

On the left side of the street several of the mill workers' homes are still standing and used as residences. Behind the churches now is a Little League baseball field (not visible in this photo). The original Turberville hospital which once stood nearby was demolished in the 1960s and 70s to make room for the new building mentioned above.

Most of the oaks planted along Church Street in the early 1900s grew to be gigantic trees. Sadly, many of them rotted or became diseased over the years and most have been removed.

This picture was taken in March of 2002.

Churches March 2002
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