This home was the residence of E. A. Hauss, manager of the Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company for over 50 years. It rested on the area presently occupied by the 1913 Post Office Museum building in the James Houston Jones Historical Park. At Mr. Hauss' death, his will was that the home be dismantled so no one could live there. It was taken down board by board and reassembled almost to its original grandeur east of Jay, Florida.

At the time, it was generally felt that Hauss' wishes were extremely selfish as well as foolish. The years have shown his wisdom, for such a home would prove very expensive to keep up. He feared it would fall into disrepair and become a shambles, which very likely would have happened.

This photo is part of a collection of Dan Leach, son of Marion and Audra Leach, who lived immediately behind this house. That former Leach home is now the Leach House Museum, one of the three museums in the Historical Park, with the Boxcar Museum just to its north. The Park is located at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Fourth Street (once called "Silk Stocking Street") in the Alger-Sullivan Historical District.

Mr. and Mrs. Hauss in a pose for the 1961 Century High School yearbook
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