Century Clubhouse

Fire aftermath
at left

This "Club House" was exactly as the name implies. It was used for varied activities from the beginning of Century. The Club House was built at the same time the original houses and mill were built, in 1901.

Inside the Club House was a library with books and magazines for reading, research and relaxing. There was a pool table for those who played pool, a tennis court in the yard, a full-time janitor to clean and take care of the building. Hot water was available at all hours for bathing and sitting rooms for those who just waited to relax and/or read.

Upstairs there was a dance floor with a small stage for a band. On all special days, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor day, and all the other days they wanted, there would be a dance, with a band from Mobile, Pensacola, Brewton, Montgomery, or other cities.

There were also community plays and such held at the club for the the raising of money for the schools, organizations, etc. The County Health Department used a portion of the downstaires from time to time to provide immunizations for school-age children.

The Club House was open 24 hours a day for everyone to enjoy and use.

The building eventually was sold to private owners and sadly, the building burned
in the 1990s.

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