Log train at L&N tracks

A special rail line, the Escambia Railroad, ran from the Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company sawmill in Century, Florida, some 90 plus miles into South Alabama to haul these huge cut pine logs. The line laid over two hundred miles of track deep into south Alabama including temporary spurs.

The picture above right was taken at the place in Century the Escambia Railroad crossed the then L&N main tracks just south of the depot (the building seen behind the first log car). There were four side tracks here as Century was a busy rail freight station. Notice the locomotive at the distant right waiting on the side track as the Alger log train moves toward the mill yard.

In the photo on the second page of this site showing the mill you can see the log cars lined up between the sawmill and the pond. The logs were stored in this pond until time to cut them into lumber.

In the 50s, log trucks replaced the railroad. The engines were stored on the mill property for several years and eventually sold for scrap.

Log train crossing the L&N tracks into the mill yard

Catching the train for a Sunday afternoon excursion
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The Escambia Railroad played an important part in the mill's operation

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