A Sawmill Scrapbook Vol. 3 published by the ASHS (Softcover)

A Pictorial History - Settlements Along the Conecuh/Escambia Rivers published by the ASHS
 (Hardcover) - By Neal Collier and Jerry Fischer

A Texas Desperado in Florida (The capture of Outlaw John Wesley Hardin in Pensacola, 1877) By Jesse Earle Bowden and William S. Cummins
$14.00 (Softcover)

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A Sawmill Scrapbook Vol. 2 published by the ASHS

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Postcards, set of 7
Pictures around old Century

A Sawmill Scrapbook
Vol. 4
 Published by the ASHS Compiled and edited by Jerry Simmons and Margaret Collier
(8 1/2” X 11” Softcover)

History of Escambia County, Alabama, by Annie C. Waters.
Published by the Escambia County Historical Society, Brewton, AL $55.00 (Hardcover)

Wildflowers of the Escambia, CD by Darryl Searcy - Range, Alabama $15.00 -Searcy, Botanist, has some 3,000 photos and descriptions of flora and fauna from South Alabama and NW Florida - a superb example of the beauty of this area - you won't be disappointed (for PC only)

The Story of Century, DVD by The ASHS 
33 minutes of historic photos and the story you may not have yet heard

Flomaton Centennial Scrapbook
Published by the Flomaton Centennial Committee (2008)
$55.00 (8 1/2” X 11” (Softcover) - 350+ pages) - Compiled and edited by Jerry Simmons - Photos by Fischer

Out of Print
Memories of Home Cooking - A scrapbook of recipes, memories and photos by members and friends of the Alger-Sullivan Historical Society - published by the ASHS
$15.00 (softcover)

Farm Blacksmithlng by J. Drew. Blacksmithing is largely a variation on a theme. That is, learn the basics and you can tackle all kinds of jobs with experience. This little book is a great introduction to blacksmithmg tools and techniques. A good blacksmith can mend anything but the break of day or a broken heart. 1901 Paperback, 99 pages. $9+ P&H

David Tait's Journal - In 1772, british surveyor David Taitt was sent on a secret mission to map the lands of the Upper Creek Indians in Alabama. His cover was handling diplomatic issues and trade disputes. Read carefully and youll be amazed at all the little intrigues that went on. Learn about the Indian culture and villages, too, as Taitt travels from Pensacola to modern-day Montgomery and beyond. 1772 Paperback, 72 pages plus index. $10+ P&H
The Slave Stories - Florida by writers of the WPA Writers Project. During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration hired writers to interview former slaves and get their story. This was 1936-1938, but there were still a good many former slaves still living. These are stories found in Florida. Prepare to be surprised! 1938. Paperback, 200+ pages. S15+ postage & handling
Red Eagle - (aka William Weatherford) leader of the Red Sticks in the battle at Fort Mims; this book goes into the life of the Indian leader. $20.00

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Historical Reprints
We are now offering great old books which have been out of print and hard to find. New titles are constantly being added! Discounts for volume purchases.
(from N. Collier, Publisher)

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