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These pages are created to provide a bit of an insight into the beginnings of a once close-knit Southern U.S. community and its culture, Century, Florida. As written in the foreword of the first A Sawmill Scrapbook, the site "draws its uniqueness in that its contents are little journeys into the lives and affairs of those who came before us."

On the BOOKSTORE page, you may see the series
of three "Sawmill Scrapbooks" and the
subsequent publications, the Pictorial
books. These
books are collections of stories,
pictures and anecdotes compiled
by the Alger-Sullivan Historical Society
to reflect the life and times of our past.
Also available is A Texas Desperado
in Florida (The Capture of John
Wesley Hardin in Pensacola, 1877)
The books and an assortment of
souvenir items as well are on sale by
the Society. Click on the book cover pictures or the souvenir items to see a larger view.

Then, join us on a quick trip into the lives and times of the settlement of the little Northwest Florida sawmill town of Century, Florida! At the bottom of each page you'll find links to other pages on this site.

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Front Street looking west from Jefferson Avenue. The commissary is on the right and barber shop, meat market and drugstore are on the left. The buildings on the left were destroyed by fire in 1939.

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